Valley Ranch Medical District is envisioned as a new Medical District integrating healthcare into all aspects of an individual’s daily life. Traditionally, patients have traveled to the hospital when injury or sickness have heightened to an acute situation. Valley Ranch Medical District is about bringing the caregivers to the community in an active, lively, preventative healthcare manner. Following that theme, healthcare in the District will be an extension of how you live your daily life and those services will meet you at every stage whether preventative, acute or in recovery. Physicians, researchers, and educational interactions will be integrated where personalized medicine becomes meaningful due to continuous access, expedited clinical discoveries, and technology advances will be occurring across the street from where you live. Supporting that vision, Valley Ranch Medical District will offer convenient, robust amenities that promote an active lifestyle, yet streamline the distance and connectivity between those activities.

Valley Ranch Medical District is 186 acres of Mixed-Use environment centered around a Central Park with health-related facilities, life science incubators and workspace, academic buildings, hospitality and community-related retail. The retail will be focused on the daily services needed by patients and their families, convenience services to the medical workforce and after-hours restaurants supported by the community. Cultural components will be integrated into the buildings and outdoor space to promote interaction within the Central Park.

Valley Ranch Medical District is the place where changing the health model by bringing healthcare to your doorstep will be possible. By selecting world-class partners across the health continuum, we think the cost of healthcare can be lowered and still offer patient convenience and accessibility to new procedures.