Valley Ranch Medical District is a 196-acre site on the southern end of the 1400 acre Valley Ranch planned development. The Medical District is accessed from Valley Ranch Parkway to the west, I-69 to the east and Forest Colony Drive to the north. The acreage is comprised of three large tracts, North and South divided by Azalea Boulevard and centered on a 10 acre Central Park and the West along Azalea Boulevard.

Current plans have the development of the medical and supporting facilities surrounding Central Park. The site plan represents multiple entrances and access points as necessary depending on the specific requirements of the selected partner(s). The key feature of the layout is having a pedestrian park with limited vehicular interaction. Parking whether surface or structure will be pushed to external streets. Currently, Azalea Boulevard, Valley Ranch Parkway, Forest Colony Drive and the I-69 Frontage Road have all utilities and TXDOT curb cuts in-place.

Valley Ranch Medical District Site Plan