The Signorelli Company Issued a RFP for Vivacity Medical District

November 28, 2016

The Signorelli Company has issued an RFP to more than 50 academic and health systems for proposals on creating what the company is calling the "next-generation, whole-life Healthcare/Life Science Continuum" in a 186-acre health district referred to conceptually as Vivacity Medical District in Northeast Houston area, part of a larger 1,400-acre master planned development, Valley Ranch.

The full RFP explains that Vivacity "is about bringing the caregivers to the community in an active, lively, preventative healthcare manner ... Vivacity will make the concept of isolated health campuses with limited amenities and confusing wayfinding to patients a relic of the past. Advances in technology have already changed aspects of the current system, but substantial health outcomes and economic benefits are out of reach due to organizational inflexibility, outdated competitive practices and governmental/insurance coverage related reimbursement. Vivacity is a unique clean-slate opportunity to bring all stakeholders to the table with no preconceived notions as to the structure, make-up, or configuration to create a Whole Life Healthcare Continuum that works for the individual."

The Signorelli Company is pursuing development of an acute-care facility; academic research and education facility; 300,000 sq. ft. of medical office space; a life science and technology incubator; senior living and post-acute facilities; and other facilities to include hospitality, IT/robotics and logistics centers.

For Information:

Tom Wittenberg
Executive Vice President
Medical Division
Direct: 713.452.1707
The Signorelli Company



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