Key Metrics

Valley Ranch Medical District has 186 acres for Health & Wellness-centric ventures within the 1400-acre Valley Ranch master-planned development with robust amenities in Hospitality, Retail, and Entertainment venues. The site offers access to 6.6 million people within a 45-minute drive time. With a 15-minute drive to Bush International Airport with access to the majority of U.S. and Central America destinations in less than a 3-4 hour flight. Valley Ranch Medical District is the only premier location in the U.S. where a major Health System could enter a Tier 1 market with limited competition. 10%+ annual population growth, $90,000 average household income and 120,000+ daily traffic counts.

Texas has a low cost of business with no state income tax when compared to competitive national sites. 100% infrastructures are in place: utilities, transportation, entitlement/zoning with streamlines jurisdictional permitting in place for future development.

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